FxPro announced Trading times for Martin Luther King Jr. Day

January 15, 2016

Monday the 18th of January is Martin Luther King Jr. day, which is a public holiday in the US and may affect some of the instruments you trade.

The trading hours during Martin Luther King Jr. Day on the 18th of January 2016 will be as follows:

Instrument 18/01/2016 19/01/2016
CFD on US stocks: Closed ON
Precious Metals CFDs: EC at 20:00 ON
Indices Futures CFDs
#NAS100, #S&P500, #DJ30, #JPN225, #US$indx:
EC at 20:00 ON
Agricultural Commodities Futures CFDs
#Cocoa, #Coffee, #Corn, #Cotton, #Soybean, #Sugar, #Wheat
Closed ON
Energy Futures CFDs
#US_Oil, #NatGas
and Spot Energy CFDs
EC at 20:00 ON
Spot Indices CFDs
#USNDAQ100, #USSPX500, #US30, #Japan225:
EC at 20:00 ON

EC – Early Closing

ON – Opening Normal 

  • The times mentioned above are in Cyprus time (server time).
  • The above schedule may be subject to change.
  • Clients should be extra cautious when trading on 18/01/2016, as during this period decreased liquidity is expected, with FxPro reserving the right to allow trading for “Close only”, or even disable trading on instruments with low liquidity, without prior notice if necessary.
  • All other financial instruments will not be affected by the changes and will be available for trading during normal trading hours.

You find the official announcement here.

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