FXOpen changes “GBP” & “EUR” leverage due to Brexit EU Referendum Vote

June 13, 2016

UK Referendum Vote will have a great impact on Financial Market.

FXOpen changes “GBP” & “EUR” leverage due to Brexit EU Referendum Vote

Due to the “Brexit” vote held in United Kingdom, to decide whether the country should remain or leave the European Union, high volatility across the market especially on GBP and EUR is expected.

FXOpen expect the market to have high volatility on 20th – 27th of June, and will take necessarily measures to manage the risk exposures.

The change will affect to all GBP and EUR cross pairs, and from 20th – 27th of June.

Margin requirements to be increased up to 5 times

The above measure is a temporary one an the condition will be back to normal from 27th of June with the market opening.

Although, the change is only to margin requirement though, you may take extra cautions to market price movement. Low liquidity before and after the “UK Referendum Vote” may cause high volatility in the market.

FXOpen to let all traders know, if any further changes are to made.

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