FXGlobe News Letter -Our Regulations and commitment-

July 13, 2016


Please note that "the Exclusive Cash Back Algo Account" is currently not available with FXGlobe. For traders of FXGlobe, please find other promotions from "FXGlobe Introduction" page.

FXGlobe News Letter -Our Regulations and commitment-

This article is originally referred from FXGlobe News Letter

At FXGlobe, our mission is to create a trading environment that gives you the most advanced tools and security. Focusing on you, the trader and binding our success to yours.


We hold ourselves to the highest standard of oversight to provide our clients with assurance of a safe trading environment.

CySEC license (registration number 205/13

Our full list of regulatory oversight is available in the official website.

Safe Banking & Money Handling

When handling your investment security is our highest priority, FXGlobe guarantees:

Segregated Funds: completely separated from FXGlobe funds, your investment is untouchable to anyone but you

Fully Protected Financial and Personal Data: know that your information is protected by the highest level encryption

Complete Transparency & Global Recognition

As a global leader in the field we feel that a good broker to client relationship is based on trust that’s why all our spreads are always displayed on our website.

Original Source: FXGlobe News Letter

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