FxGlobe 30% Deposit Bonus

FxGlobe to offer 30% deposit bonus to all clients.


Please note that "the Exclusive Cash Back Algo Account" is currently not available with FXGlobe. For traders of FXGlobe, please find other promotions from "FXGlobe Introduction" page.

FxGlobe 30% Deposit Bonus

Promotion Details

DatesAll year 2016
Available toNew and existing clients
Offer30% Deposit Bonus up to $3,000
How to getOpen a standard account and deposit
WithdrawalAvailable(trading lots required)

FxGlobe is now offering 30% Deposit Bonus.

Hercules offers 100% Deposit Bonus with FXGlobe though, the bonus is our exclusive offer.

30% Deposit Bonus is available to anyone.

How to receive the bonus

  1. Open a new standard account with FxGlobe
  2. Choose to join the promotion in the account opening process
  3. Deposit more than $250

Terms and Conditions

  • The Bonus will be credited to the deposit which is more than $250 and less than $10,000
  • To join the promotion you need to choose to take part in the offer on the offer landing page on the FXGlobe website
  • The bonus will be available to new deposit after opening the account which joined the promotion
  • You need to to trade 0.2 lot per $1 to meet the trading requirement


If you have received 1,000 dollars as bonus, you need to trade 1,000 * 0.2 = 200 lots to meet the requirement

  • If you have not met the trading requirement according to your deposit amount, the bonus amount will be deducted by the risk management team in FxGlobe and may affect the equity and margin levels in the account
  • To withdraw the bonus amount, you need to meet the trading requirement, but the original deposited amount is always available to withdrawal
  • You need to meet the trading requirement within 6 months from the date you received the bonus

Please read the official T&C provided by FxGlobe before joining the promotion.

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