FX Trader with 64.7% profit(annual average) talks about his experience and thought

November 10, 2017

Let's listen to the profitable trader!

FX Trader with 64.7% profit(annual average) talks about his experience and thought

With over four years of good, stable trading performance that beats the S&P 500 every year, and tens of millions in assets under his management, NFA exempt CTA trader Joiny J. began his money management business in 2009.

He now has clients and partners come from all over the world, including private funds, hedge funds, money managers and brokers.

Joiny describes his trading experience:

“My first time trading was in 2003. I was a news editor of a finance website, and it was my first job after I graduated Law studies at Nanjing University of China. One day, my boss said to me and my colleague: “If you want to do your job at its best, you should also trade so you can know what investors need”. So the boss lent me 100 USD, which I used to trade my first Forex account. Since then, I’ve traded for more than 10 years.”

From 2009 to 2013, Joiny has placed more than 2,400 trades and received very good returns from trading.

Profits have totaled 597.2% with the alltime maximum closed drawdown of 8.7%.

“It was in 2007 after many failed trades, where I figured out that most normal technical methods don’t bring very good performances in the long-term. So I worked hard and tried to find my own strategy. One day when I was just walking across the road, an idea suddenly popped in my head. It was then that I realized that trading should be simple. Just follow the market movement- that’s the principle of my strategy: simplicity.”

Average annual gain: 64.7%
Strategy trading length: 4 years
Minimum investment: 4.000 USD

As a result, Joiny’s strategy doesn’t use any indicators or charts and is indifferent to any news.

Moreover, his strategy can trade in any time frame with any currency pair in any direction. Yet he still sticks to a set of rules when trading:

“I usually trade at noon my time, using 6 pairs max, keep up the high win rate and leverage normally at 0.5-2 a pair. Most trades are closed within 24 hours; however, a few are held open for several days or weeks if they entered on middle or long-term signals.”

Before becoming a full-time trader, Joiny worked in a museum, and it seems that his passion for Chinese antiques is linked to how he thinks about investment’s potential.

“Antiques are just like trading, they are both the art of investment. Each is hard to learn, takes a long time to succeed, has the possibilities for big risk and big profit and can be enjoyed for the rest of your life. The longer you do it, the more value you can get. Thus, when investing with my strategy, do not exit because of some small loss, with more trades the strategy can fix its drawdown. Only the investors who stay with my strategy can get good returns, the longer the better. Time is the biggest leverage of money. Be its friend.”

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