FX Seminar: “Trendlines and Risk Management” Join HotForex for Free Education!

October 16, 2017

HotForex has Free Online Seminars for traders this week too!

FX Seminar: “Trendlines and Risk Management” Join HotForex for Free Education!

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If you’ve been wondering how to use trendlines or where to learn more about money management, then these webinars are for you!

Join HotForex LIVE to enhance your trading knowledge by getting your questions answered by their experts!

Coming up this week…

  • Trendline trading…
  • Setting risk levels…
  • Risk management!

Trendlines can be invaluable in helping you stay on the right side of a move.

Join Andria LIVE on Wednesday to find out more about this simple but powerful tool and make sure you aren’t one of the many traders using it incorrectly!

HotForex Webinar Trading with Trendlines
Date & Time Wednesday, 18 October 11 AM GMT

Knowing how to manage your capital and risk is an essential skill for traders.

Hone your skills by joining Kay for his informative webinar on risk management, setting risk levels and currency trading dangers!

HotForex Webinar Money Management in Forex
Date & Time Thursday, 19 October 12 PM GMT

HotForex’s webinars cover a wide variety of topics to help you expand your trading knowledge. Watch past webinars and register for future ones on the HotForex webinar page!

Original Source: HotForex News

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