FX Online Seminars for Free by HotForex! Check out the latest schedules!

March 27, 2017

The Mega FX broker, HotForex has Free Online Seminars for traders!

FX Online Seminars for Free by HotForex! Check out the latest schedules!

HotForex has an exciting schedule of webinars this week that are a boon to beginning and intermediate traders.

Stuart kicks things off tomorrow with his live analysis, then on Wednesday he’ll be talking about fundamental analysis and how this can affect trading conditions.

Kay wraps up on Thursday by explaining the value of keeping a trading diary.

It’s sure to be a great week of webinars and a big help to traders looking to enhance their strategies.

HotForex’s Online Seminar

In tomorrow’s live analysis webinar, Stuart will be discussing the latest developments affecting markets and how these in turn might affect your strategy.

He’ll also answer your questions live.

HotForex Seminar Live Analysis with Stuart Cowell
Tuesday, March 28, 11 AM GMT

The basic goal of a Forex trader is to predict future price movements to make a profit.

To do this, though, you need to know well about economic forces.

Stuart’s webinar on Wednesday will introduce fundamental analysis and give you tips on how you can improve your strategies by using it efficiently.

HotFore Seminar Fundamental Analysis with Stuart Cowell
Wednesday, March 29, 11 AM GMT

Even more advanced traders are sometimes guilty of forgetting to use a trading diary: this can be a serious mistake because not tracking your trades can lead to you making disorganized orders more often.

Kay explains in Thursday’s webinar that keeping a journal is a good way to remind traders of the benefits of using a system and sticking to it over random or whimsical trading.

HotForex Seminar Forex Trading Journal: Do You Keep One? with Kay
Thursday, March 30, 1 PM GMT

For information about HotForex’s other webinars, you can visit the HotForex webinar page.

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