FX Broker with Biggest Leverage 1:3000 offered by FBS with “Trust & Honesty”

April 13, 2017

FBS had no troubles with "Fund Withdrawals" for over 8 years!

FX Broker with Biggest Leverage 1:3000 offered by FBS with “Trust & Honesty”

FBS, an Online FX & CFD Broker in Belize, is happy to offer the Highest Leverage in the world, 1:3000.

The Leverage is available on MetaTrader4 Trading Platform, with following conditions.

  1. Available only for Zero Spread, Standard and Micro Account.
  2. The minimum required deposit amount is $5.
  3. The Account Balance needs to be $300 or lower.

Everyone can have the Highest Leverage in the world with FBS with the above conditions!

Signup for Free now & start experiencing the extraordinary Forex Leverage!

FBS Official Website

2 Simple Reasons Why FBS’s High Leverage is Great

You get that FBS has very competitive trading conditions though, is it even Safe to trade with?

For traders who are wondering the above, we have 2 points to mention.

1. NBP Supported

FBS’s all trading accounts and platforms support NBP “Negative Balance Protection”.

Thus, the high leverage is surely Risky but your maximum loss is limited to the total deposit amount.

Your risk/loss is always limited with FBS!

2. No Troubles on Fund Withdrawals

FBS has never had troubles with its traders regarding to “Fund Withdrawals”.

As the broker has been the Top of our “Ranking“, FBS’s trust has been earned by its honest service for over 8 years.

After years of our partnership, we trust in FBS’s service.

FBS has more than 10 Bonus Promotions and many more Events for its traders! and They have many more merits to offer for FX traders.

Check out more about FBS in their website!

FBS Official Website

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