FX Broker FBS’s Greatest Bonus Promotion! Dream Come True Contest!

March 28, 2017

FX Broker FBS’s Greatest Bonus Promotion! Dream Come True Contest!

Meet Johanis Ginting from Indonesia!

His dearest wish was fulfilled with the help of FBS.

His wish was to get a dental treatment, because he didn’t feel self-confident and happy.

And FBS team fulfilled his dream!

Here is the video story about this happy moment:

My name is Johanes Ginting, I am 30 years old. My only parent is my mom, and I am the youngest child in the family.

I am from North Sumatra and came to Purwokerto to work. Now I am working and also trading with FBS.

Recently FBS has contacted me, saying I am the winner of the FBS Dreams come true. Of course I was so happy to hear it. I told this to my mom and she was very happy too.

How did you learn about Dreams Come True promotion?

I learned about it by simply trading with FBS. One time I saw the post on the official FBS page on Facebook and wrote my wishes in the comments.

What did you want and why?

My wish was to get dental treatment, because I feel ashamed and sometimes my friends laugh at my teeth and it really hurts. I want to go to the dentist but I don’t have money.

What do you think about FBS?

FBS is the first and the last broker for me. The broker provides all the things traders want, such as fast deposit and withdrawal,

customer support 24/7, and real prizes. For me FBS is the best because it is always by my side.

Today is the day of the first dentist’s appointment. This is how my dream comes true.

Thank you FBS for fulfilling my dream. I am so happy. FBS is truly by your side!

How to join the Contest?

Your dream can become true too! Participate in the next Dream Come True contest!

Hurry up, follow a few simple steps – dig deep inside your heart and share your most sincere dream with FBS!

  1. Register an FBS account
  2. Connect your FBS profile to Facebook
  3. Share this post in your timeline
  4. Tell FBS what gift do you want and why in the comments under this post!

Here is your REAL chance to fulfill your dearest wish. Find more information of the promotion from below!

FBS Dream Come True Promotion

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