FX Broker FBS’s Gifts are real! This trader’s got Kawasaki Bike in Indonesia!

April 13, 2017

FBS has super gorgeous Gifts to offer, but are those really true?

FX Broker FBS’s Gifts are real! This trader’s got Kawasaki Bike in Indonesia!

Did you know that the first person, whose dream was fulfilled by FBS, was our 1 millionth trader?

This first winner was Ismareni Imran from Indonesia!

And though it happened a year ago, we want to take a moment and remember from what it all started.

On this “throwback Thursday” we would like to share with you this priceless moment of the first trader getting his dream fulfilled by FBS.

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FBS has 10 more Bonus Promotions!

Our trusted online FX Broker, FBS has more than 10 Bonus Promotions to offer.

For trading related, there are:

  1. 123 Free Bonus which you can get without making a deposit at all.
  2. 100% Deposit Bonus which you can get up to 20,000 USD.
  3. Trading Contest to win 1,000 USD.

There are also many Gifts such as:

  1. Mercedes GLA
  2. iPhone 7
  3. iPad
  4. Mac PC
  5. BMW x3
  6. Motor Bikes
  7. VIP Trips

They are just a part of FBS’s Bonuses and Gifts.

You wonder if the broker is really giving away such gorgeous gifts to traders?

Yes, it is true.

You can even follow the winners on Facebook or on FBS’s official website. There are also YouTube Videos of winners of each Gift, so traders know who and how the gifts were presented to them.

It should be worth joining such a giving broker. Check out their current Bonus Promotions from below!

The list of FBS’s Promotions

123 USD for Free

50 USD for Free

$30 for Free

3500 USD for Free

88,8 USD for Free

up to $1000 for Free

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