FX Broker- FBS opens 4 more offices to all over the world

December 29, 2016

FBS with over 2,000,000 clients, has now 11 offices all over the world.

FX Broker- FBS opens 4 more offices to all over the world

TBT – To opening office in Philippines. Our team is so happy!

FBS, a mega Forex broker mainly based in Belize and Russia is happy to announce that they have opened 4 more offices this year, 2016. 2 offices in Thailand and one each in Myanmar and Korea.

Now the total number of offices in the world is 11.

11 offices are real, but not virtual

We like to emphasize that the 11 offices which FBS has opened are the actual offices with working staffs in there.

These years, it is very common for Forex brokers to setup a virtual office in order to make a presence in certain area though, FBS is different.

You can also visit their offices to see them in person, or participate seminars held by FBS at your local area.

Big & Human broker FBS continues to expand their market rapidly!

Positive Reviews by Investors

FBS has been helping people in the areas where earthquake has hit by donating funds and also physically visiting the places.

One of the reasons why we recommend FBS as your brokerage firm is that the broker isn’t just staying online, but conduct many activities that make us feel close to them.

It is important to note that FBS has no negative reviews reported to us before over the years.

If you are looking for your broker, then it is worth visiting the website of FBS and see how their services are.

Find out more from their official website!

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