From GMT+3 to GMT+2 on MT4: Summer Time ends on US from Nevember 6th

November 1, 2016

From GMT+3 to GMT+2 on MT4: Summer Time ends on US from Nevember 6th

Please note that as of November 6th, Sunday, the FXDD MT4’s server time will be changed from GMT+3 to GMT+2.

The change will be affected to all financial instruments in FXDD MT4, and in case you are using EAs(expert advisers) or custom indicators, you may need to adjust the settings accordingly.

Here are some FAQs(Frequently Asked Questions) to solve your general questions regarding to the change.

1. When is the time showing in the MT4?

The displayed time on MT4 is adjusted to the market opening time in New-York. As the Market opens, the time in MT4 is 00:00.

2. Can I change the displayed time on MT4 to my local time?

No that is not possible as platform’s limitation.

3. When the MT4 server time changes from/to summer time from/to winter time?

The MT4 time changes from Winter time to Summer time on the second Sunday of March every year, and changes from Summer time to Winter time on the first Sunday of November every year.

4. Is the data of back-test on MT4 is also adjusted to Summer and Winter time?

No, as the market hours changes in US, the MT4 server time changes. Thus there is no change in MT4 trading platform’s information.

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