Friday “Roll Over” time is changed with system update

July 5, 2016

Roll over time has been updated on TitanFX MT4.

Friday “Roll Over” time is changed with system update

Please note that the “roll over” time on TitanFX MT4 has been updated due to the system upgrade as follows. The changes will be made from 7th of July.

Please find more details of the update from the below table.

Days Trading Hours(Roll Over)
Monday 00:04 – 23:59(23:55 – 00:04)
Tuesday 00:04 – 23:59(23:59 – 00:04)
Wednesday 00:04 – 23:59(23:59 – 00:04)
Thursday 00:04 – 23:59(23:59 – 00:04)
Friday 00:04 – 23:55(23:59 – 00:04)

All times above are described in GMT+3.

In case you are using Expert Advisers(Trading Algorithm Programs), then you may be required to update the configuration accordingly.

Although this update does not affect major trading schedules though, around the “Roll Over” period you may want to expect wider spread due to low liquidity. Even if you are hedging open positions in MT4, you are recommended to monitor the market continuously and expect possible “stop out”(margin call) as a result.

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