Free FX Webinar: Bollinger bands, Divergence between indicators & prices and more

October 23, 2017

Free Online Forex Seminar by HotForex! Register today for Free Education!

Free FX Webinar: Bollinger bands, Divergence between indicators & prices and more

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What better way to further your Forex knowledge than to attend three LIVE webinars and ask our experts all your questions?

Whether you want to know more about the news, analysis or using indicators, there’s something for everyone!

Coming up this week…

  • Live analysis of the markets and the news…
  • Why our senior analyst uses Bollinger bands…
  • Spotting and using divergence!

Join their senior analyst tomorrow for a LIVE demonstration of his professional approach to analysis and find out what he thinks about the latest news items and how they might affect the markets.

 HotForex Webinar  Live Analysis with Stuart Cowell
Date & Time  Tuesday, 24 October 11 AM GMT

Bollinger bands: easy to apply and helpful with trends, volatility and momentum, and one of the indicators that Stuart himself likes to use!

Find out why by joining him on WEDNESDAY to learn more about this popular technical indicator.

 HotForex Webinar  Trading with Bollinger Bands
Date & Time  Wednesday, 25 October 11 AM GMT

Divergence between indicators and prices can be confusing – but it can also be a great indicator of upcoming market movements.

Join Kay to find out how to spot it, how to use it and its benefits!

 HotForex Webinar  Divergence. How to find it and how to use it to your benefit
Date & Time  Thursday, 26 October 12 PM GMT

HotForex’s webinars cover a wide variety of topics to help you expand your trading knowledge.

Watch past webinars and register for future ones on the HotForex webinar page!

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