ForexClub reports 54% of Live Accounts profiting in August 2017

September 5, 2017

Statistics of trading results on live accounts of ForexClub's traders for August 2017.

ForexClub reports 54% of Live Accounts profiting in August 2017

ForexClub has reported the statistics of live accounts which are making profits in August, 2017.

In August, 54% of accounts with deposits of more than $10,000 were profitable.

The total share of traders who made a profit in August (regardless of the size of their deposit) was 24%. At the same time, the share of traders with a profit result of $100 amounted to 74%.

ForexClub has found that the trader with the largest profit has been actively making transactions on pair EUR/USD. He has successfully made a profit of $310,000 within 1 month.

On the other hand, the trader with worst trading results(which is amounted to a loss of $146,000) is from China, who has traded aggressively but with obvious less successful trading on various currency pairs.

Good profits were obtained by customers who bought shares of Apple, as well as traders who bought crypto-currencies Bitcoin and Litecoin.

The analysis of the trading performance of Forex Club customers for August 2017, came up with rather positive results and may encourage others to work hard on online trading to profit more.

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