ForexClub Libertex to introduce Stock Trading “Snapchat Inc.”

March 13, 2017

"Snapchat" The Stock of the year! Invest in them now!

ForexClub Libertex to introduce Stock Trading “Snapchat Inc.”

As of the 2nd of March the, “Forex Club” group of companies launched CFD trading with the shares of Snap Inc., the developer and the owner of the Snapchat service.

Now you can login to ForexClub’s Trading Platform “Libertex” and start investing in the Stock online.

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Why trade Stocks with ForexClub?

There are several reasons why trading Stocks with ForexClub gives you advantages.

It’s Leveraged

ForexClub offers the leverage up to 1:200.
*The maximum leverage available for each financial instrument varies.

You can manage small amount of funds for large investment.

Profit from Falling Prices

ForexClub offers “Stocks” in a form of CFDs.

CFD stands for Contract for Difference, and it brings you many benefits than trading the actual stocks in the actual market.

All Online

Register for ForexClub’s Libertex Platform, and you can trade FX, Commodities, Metals, Equity Index and even Stocks all together.

One registration to get access to the whole Financial Market at once.

Advanced Trading Platform “Libertex”

ForexClub is proud to provide investors with the new platform “Libertex”.

Check it out from the below link and see the difference!

Go to Libertex Trading Platform

You can register for ForexClub through the trading platform!

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