Forex Leverage Ranking! FBS with 1:3000 leverage!

October 10, 2016

Have you ever experienced the Leverage 1:3000?

Forex Leverage Ranking! FBS with 1:3000 leverage!

“High“ Leverage is one great advantage of Forex investment.

*If you are not sure how “Leverage” works, please refer to the FAQ here.

The average leverage offered by the hundreds of online Forex brokers is 1:500.

And there are some Forex brokers with even higher leverages, which are:

  • HotForex 1:1000
  • LMFX 1:1000
  • XM 1:888

Above Forex brokers offer almost more than double the average leverage of others.

To increase the trading volume and investment opportunities, you can’t miss out their trading conditions.

But, they are not the highest in the world.

FBS with the highest leverage in the world

FBS, an online Forex and CFD broker based in Belize offers the highest leverage in the world which is:

The Top in the world Forex leverage 1:3000

FBS leverage 3000 trading fx & CFD

You can increase your trading opportunity to 3000 times only with FBS. You may not be sure how huge the leverage is, let us give you an example.

e.g. In order to have a position worth of 600,000 USD, you must have 1200 USD with Forex brokers with leverage 1:500.

But with FBS, you only need 200 USD to trade such amount.

You can reach out to even higher amount and aim for bigger profits with FBS.

Conditions of the leverage 1:3000

The leverage 1:3000 is really the highest in the world, and it is very attractive for everyone, but there are some conditions for using the Top in the world leverage, which are:

The leverage 1:3000 is available only for Micro and Standard Account, which account balance is lower than 200 USD.

If your trading account has got higher account balance than 200 USD, then the leverage will be automatically decreased to 1:2000 or smaller.

As long as you know the conditions and trade with smaller account balance, the leverage 1:3000 is a fun leverage.

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