Forex Broker FBS introduces “not 24/5 but 24/7 Customer Support Desk”

January 30, 2017

You can now reach to FBS 24/7 anytime!

Forex Broker FBS introduces “not 24/5 but 24/7 Customer Support Desk”

FBS has introduced 24/7 customer support desk.

24/7 means 24 hours and 7 days a week, as the customer support desk of FBS will be available “non -stop” from now.

Unlike other hundreds of Forex brokers with limited hours of support, FBS continues to support investors with continuous working hours.

24/7 Non-Stop Service is available only with FBS! Join the reliable Forex broker with 2 million clients!

FBS Official Website

FBS’s Support is very Helpful

Over years of partnership with many Forex brokers from all over the world, we have to say that FBS has got the most helpful and educated support staffs among them.

Through live chat, phone calls and also emails, you get answers in a timely manner.

You may be tired of some brokers’ bad customer supports or waiting their responses for days. But FBS isn’t that case.

FBS isn’t just a broker with competitive trading conditions, but it is the broker with No withdrawal issues reported, Smooth & Educated customer support and No complains over the years.

Join FBS, and you will see how great their service is.

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