Fidelis CM introduces “PAMM” Investment Solution for Forex investors

February 3, 2017

Utilize Fidelis CM's PAMM Solution, and start making profits together!


Please note that we no longer promote Fidelis CM, thus the information regarding to the broker on this website maybe outdated.

Fidelis CM introduces “PAMM” Investment Solution for Forex investors

Fidelis Capital Markets(Fidelis CM) has just introduced NEW PAMM(Percentage Allocation Module Management) investment solution for retail investors.

The PAMM solution will be provided through MT4 and it is available for Free!

What is PAMM Solution?

PAMM stands for “Percentage Allocation Module Management”.

Through this system, Professional Traders & Investors can connect through the trading platforms.

The service is very simple.

“PAMM Manager” trade & let other traders copy his/her trades. → They will earn extra income.

“PAMM Investor” copy the trades of “Professional Investors”. → They will earn profits automatically when “Professional Investors” profit.

If you are confident at making profits by yourself, you may become a “PAMM Manager”.

If you are not still a profitable trader, then you may become a “PAMM investor”.

The service doesn’t cost you any extra costs!

If you are looking to become a PAMM Investor, there are many advantages of using Fidelis CM’s service.

  1. PAMM service is simple & flexible.
  2. No hidden fees charged for using the service.
  3. There is no need to download some software or programs.
  4. The system reports every results in real time.
  5. Withdrawal is possible at anytime through the PAMM service.

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