FBS’s Mercedes GLA goes to a FX trader in Malaysia! Want to know How he got it?

May 30, 2017

Mercedes GLA from FBS goes to Mohd Azmi Bin Mohamed Mokhtar - actually he already got the car!

FBS’s Mercedes GLA goes to a FX trader in Malaysia! Want to know How he got it?

FBS is happy to announce that the car “Mercedes GLA” has been already delivered to the trader in Malaysia!

Through the promotion, there are also 10 more traders who got “iPhone 7” and 100 traders who have got original Forex T-shirts from FBS!

Are you wondering how they have got their gorgeous gifts from FBS?

Here is how…

FBS with 10 Bonus Promotions

FBS continuously runs many Bonus Promotions all the time.

The number of available promotions are more than 10! They are all available for all traders of FBS.

Current FBS’s Promotions

  1. Get FBS Original “Forex” T-shirts! FX related, Hulk, Pokemon and many more!
  2. Facebook “Like” Contest -Get Cars, Phones, PCs or anything you want-
  3. Deposit Insurance Promotion -Unlimited Risk Free trading-
  4. Demo Trading Contest on MT4/5 to Win $1,000 -Prize Funds Withdrawable-
  5. 88.8 USD No Deposit Bonus Promotion -Risk Free Forex Trading-
  6. 100% Deposit Bonus -Up to 20,000 USD Withdrawable-
  7. $77.7 No Deposit Bonus Promotion for Brazilian Traders -Lucky Bonus for Free-
  8. $123 No Deposit Bonus Promotion -Free 123 USD in your FX account-
  9. “Get iPhone 6s Plus” Promotion -Trade 500 lots and it’s all yours-

All of the above promotions are free to join as long as you are a trader of FBS.

Join today and start investing smartly!

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