FBS’s “Ihsan charity report” Forex helping Children’s Cancer Hospital

September 20, 2016

FBS has donated over 20,000 USD to several Charity Organizations in Asia.

FBS’s “Ihsan charity report” Forex helping Children’s Cancer Hospital

Do you remember when FBS was running 300% Deposit Bonus Promotion? It was aimed to help children in Cancer Hospital by donating the commissions raised(paid) by the participants, during the holy month of Ramadan.

The promotions has ended finally and FBS has achieved to raise over 20,000 USD, and the whole funds have already been donated for charity.

The name of the beneficiaries of the funds are Children’s Cancer Hospital Egypt 57357, Tunisia Charity, Ikha’a, Rumah Kebajikan Nurul Hasanah, Panti Asuhan Nurul Amal and Panti Asuhan Tunas Melati.


You can find more photos of the charity event in FBS’s official website.

FBS, the Forex broker with over 2 millions of clients, continue to help traders to earn more and Charity Organizations.

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