FBS’s Dream Come True Promotion! This month’s winner is…

July 22, 2017

Yet another dream came true with FBS!

FBS’s Dream Come True Promotion! This month’s winner is…

May, 2017 has become a very special date for Oraya Toae from Thailand – the next winner of FBS Dreams Come True contest.

Being a dreamer and having a sweet tooth, she wished to have a baking oven to make desserts for sale.

FBS found her dream touching and beautiful and realized she was the May winner right away.

Oraya says that her dearest wish is to own a dessert shop and have income much enough to buy a house in the future. Luckily, she has an older sister Chandra with a vast experience in baking. Doubtlessly, a new and shiny baking oven will contribute to their plans, as well as trading with FBS.

“I didn’t know anything about FBS and trading Forex until my friend shared a post about it on his Facebook account”, – says Oraya. “This type of earning money suits me because I can do this business anytime I want”.

Indeed, aside from making profits, trading with FBS gives you something really important – it gives you freedom to plan your life the way you like it, – just like Oraya and Chandra!

Watch the video interview with Oraya and Chandra Toae.

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