FBS to place “Brexit” measures to leverage and margin requirement

June 22, 2016

FBS with the highest leverage in the world, trading conditions will be changed due to the referendum in the UK.

FBS to place “Brexit” measures to leverage and margin requirement

As you may have already know, the United Kingdom will hold a referendum on the issue of the European Union membership on 23th of June.

This event is expected to trigger higher volatility on currency pairs with the British Pound and low liquidity, and also EUR cross currency pairs.

To minimize risks of traders, FBS company is introducing the following changes to trading conditions:

  • The maximum leverage available will be 1:1000 for trading accounts with more than 100 USD in the balance 
  • Margin requirements on all currency pairs containing GBP, as well as on GOLD will be increased 4-fold.

The changes will come into force at the market opening on June 20th (00:00 in GMT+3) and remain in affect till the market closure on June 24th (24:00 in GMT+3).

We recommend you to calculate the required margin for executing orders and for supporting your open positions in advance and to always make sure you have enough free margin on your trading account to avoid mandatory closure of your positions.

It is your responsibility to take necessarily actions to manage your risks. FBS does not take any responsibilities to losses caused by the high market volatility or the changed conditions above.

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