FBS to launch “Laotian Website” to Traders in Laos

July 8, 2016

FBS has got 18 languages translated for its official website now.

FBS to launch “Laotian Website” to Traders in Laos

One of the largest Forex brokerage firm, FBS never cease to widen its market all over the world. The broker is acquiring the major part of the Asian market from Russia.

Now FBS has launched its official website in Laotian Language.

fbs laotian forex website

FBS official website is now available in 13 different Asian Language.

With the highest leverage in the world 1:3000 through MetaTrader4 & 5, gorgeous bonus promotions and a number of positive reputations from all over the world, FBS is growing to be the largest broker.

The broker has already acquired more than 1 million traders registered with them in only 7 years, which is twice faster than the other major brokers.

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