FBS to giveaway $1500 to seminar attendants in Thai

July 8, 2016

FxBazooka.com and Forex seminar led by FBS.

FBS to giveaway $1500 to seminar attendants in Thai

One of the largest broker in Asia, FBS is holding seminars mainly in Thai, led by the leading FBS analyst Elizaveta Belugina.

She has been the star of the Fxbazooka.com(Forex News and Analytics Website), and she gave away $1500(for trading) to all seminar participants and “Free Forex Trading Manual” to reveal her trading secrets.

The seminar in Bangkok held in 17th – 18th of June, has attracted more than 130 visitors.

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In the seminar, FBS analyst, Elizaveta Belugina has revealed seven secrets of successful trading to the guests, including minimizing risks, what tools to use, how to analyze the market and many others.

If you are interested in joining the seminars, you can find the schedule from FBS official website.

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If you want to learn Forex with FBS, the broker has got another website “FXbazooka.com”, the website for traders to earn Educational materials, financial news, advice for traders – all of this and more is available at FXBazooka.com.

There are also analytical overviews from experts with years and years of first-hand market experience (including Elizaveta Belugina).

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