FBS now provides Daily Market News & Forex TV for Online Traders!

May 24, 2017

NEW! Analytics & Education section on FBS website.

FBS now provides Daily Market News & Forex TV for Online Traders!

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Another day, another great news from FBS Company!

This time FBS has something really NEW for you! The broker has added an Analytics & Education section on the official website, so now you have access to the latest Forex news and analytics from the leading experts.

What does FBS offer?

Their marketing team will keep you updated and guide you through the constant stream of financial data, so that you will be focused on the most important data and news releases.

Visit FBS’s analytics section to learn about:

Forex Analytics – Exchange rate forecasts, trading signals, trade recommendations.
Market News – Market overviews, important economic & political events, etc.
Forex TV – Quick and informative market overviews and trade ideas.
Economic Calendar – The list of important economic releases scheduled for the day.

We hope you will get the maximum from this information, start learning now!

FBS Official Website

Original Source: FBS News

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