FBS Deposit Insurance “loss-free trading”

Take advantage of the free funds insurance program!


"FBS Deposit Insurance "loss-free trading"" has ended. You may find the list of current Promotions of FBS in its dedicated introduction page. Find Out More

Promotion Details

DatesAll year 2016
Available toNew and existing clients
OfferInsured Risk Free Trading
How to getTrade required lots
WithdrawalAvailable anytime

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NEW! FBS Deposit Insurance

You can apply for your deposit insurance FREE!

The minimum $ 100. You can also insure from 10% to 100% of your deposit amount.

If you lose the insured funds, FBS will reimburse them!

How to get insured by this insurance

  1. Open an account with FBS
  2. Make a deposit
  3. Insure your funds from Personal Area
  4. Meet the trading requirements
  5. Make a loss of your funds
  6. FBS will reimburse the loss

Terms and Conditions

  1. You can insure your funds from $100, but not less
  2. There is no maximum limitation on the amount of the insurance
  3. To be compensated by FBS, you need to trade the required trading lots which depends on the insured amount
  4. The insurance program will be triggered when the account balance goes below 10% or less of the insured amount
  5. If you have set the insurance, the spread will be set to 1 pip or wider for all currency pairs and a commission of 10$ per 1 lot is charged-off deals with metals
  6. You can not utilize 1:3000 account leverage but only 1:500 or less for the insured account
  7. There is no expiration dates for this insurance unless FBS informs of this
  8. You have reached the situation of insurance event when you have only traded less than 50% of required lots, the insurance will not be triggered
  9. If you have traded 50% of required lots or more when the event of insurance situation, the insurance will occur as follows:
    • Traded 50% to 70 % of required lots ⇒ 30% of insured amount will be compensated
    • Traded 71% to 90 % of required lots ⇒ 40% of insured amount will be compensated
    • Traded 91% to 99 % of required lots ⇒ 50% of insured amount will be compensated
  10. You can increase the insured amount even after you have set the insurance amount first time, but you are not allowed to lower the insured amount
  11. You can withdraw from an insured trading account though, the balance shouldn’t be less than an insured amount after withdrawal
  12. Insured amount will be credited into your account,within 2 business days after checking application in case all the conditions have been fulfilled
  13. Deposit insurance is available for Cent, Micro, Standard account types
  14. Swap Free service is not available on insured accounts

Please read the T&C provided by FBS officially before joining the promotion.

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