FBS “Celebrate 8 Years Birthday” Promotion! -Free Gorgeous Gifts for 32,310 Traders-

FBS with 3 Million Clients & 8 Years of Experience. Join the Promotion for Free and Get Gorgeous Prizes!


"FBS "Celebrate 8 Years Birthday" Promotion! -Free Gorgeous Gifts for 32,310 Traders-" has ended. You may find the list of current Promotions of FBS in its dedicated introduction page. Find Out More

FBS “Celebrate 8 Years Birthday” Promotion! -Free Gorgeous Gifts for 32,310 Traders-

Promotion Details

Available toBoth New & Existing Clients
Registration openFeb 2nd to March 1st
PrizesApple Gadgets or Money Gifts
WithdrawalAvailable at Anytime

FBS with over 3 Million FX traders, wishes to celebrate its “8th Birthday” with traders!

This month, FBS is going to give away Gorgeous Gifts to 32,310 traders for Free!

Join now on “Facebook”, and Get your Award!

See the list of “awards” of this Promotion below.

List of Gifts of “FBS Celebrate 8 Years Birthday Promotion”

10 MacBook Pro
50 iPad Pro
50 iPhone7
200 Apple Watch 2
8000 Money Gift $5 (on HotOption account)
8000 Money gift $10 (on HotOption account)
8000 Money gift$8 on FBS account (on HotOption account)
8000 Gift Cards of leading Online-Shops

To get above Gorgeous Gifts, No Deposit Required!

*The Money Gifts above are available for Withdrawal without any requirements.

How to join the “Contest”

1. Connect your “Facebook Account” to FBS

You can connect your “Facebook Profile” from FBS’s Personal Area.

*If you don’t have a “Facebook Account”, you can create one during the promotional period.
*Your Facebook Account must have more than 20 friends.

2. Like FBS’s “Official Facebook Page”

Go search for “FBS” on Facebook, and like their Official Page.

3. Write the greeting post

Now go to “FBS’s Personal Area”, and write a “Happy Birthday Message” to FBS in the specified field.

The format is:

FBS is the best broker, because ——– Happy Birthday, FBS!

4. Choose One picture & click the “Send” button

Choose one picture, out of nice & secy pictures from below.















*There are more pictures available on FBS’s Personal Area.

After choosing one, click on the “Send” button as below.

*To be eligible for this promotion, you must earn at least 5 likes for this post.

Full Terms & Conditions

Please make sure that you know the rules of this promotion before joining.

  • This promotion will be held from February 2nd(11:00 UTC+03) to March 1st(01:00 UTC+03) in 2017.
  • The promotion results announcement will be made on March 2nd in 2017.
  • In case the participant doesn’t have a Facebook account, he/she is allowed to create one during the promotion period.
  • Your Facebook account must have been created before February 8th, and have more than 20 friends.
  • The Facebook “Post” made through FBS’s Personal Area, must have not been deleted until March 1st.
  • The promotion is available only once per client.
  • The money gifts presented to the winners of this promotion, are available for trading and also withdrawal without any requirements.

You can find the original Terms & Conditions in the FBS’s Personal Area. For more information or inquiries please contact FBS support team.

FBS “Celebrate 8 Years Birthday” Promotion! -Free Gorgeous Gifts for 32,310 Traders-

123 USD for Free

300 USD for Free

30 USD for Free

35 USD for Free

30 USD for Free

25 USD for Free

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