FBS analyses How the FX market reacts to each winner of the US Presidential Election

November 4, 2016

Winner is Hilary or Clinton? and How the Market will possibly react to each winner?

FBS analyses How the FX market reacts to each winner of the US Presidential Election

Please note that US Presidential Election Vote will be held on November 8th, Tuesday, and that is expected to have great impact on financial market.

This political event may have very dynamic impact especially on Forex Markets, and it may cause high volatility in the market.

The main figures of the US Presidential Election are “Donald Trump” and “Hilary Clinton”, and one of them are going to become a President of United States of America.

Expected Market Movements for Each Winner

It is expected that if Hilary Clinton win the Election, she may continue the existing government policy of the current political members, so it may bring more low-risk market situation during the period.

If Donald Trump wins the Election, as this is against the expectations of majority, it may bring a great impact to the financial market also.

As the Election Date comes closer, many mass-medias mention that Hilary Clinton is in the better post in the Election, but no one knows if there will be a surprise on the day.

Just like the Brexit had affected the financial market greatly, the Election might have the same or even greater affect to the market this time.

FBS analyzes the market

FBS’s market analysts expect that if Hilary Clinton wins the election, Australian Dollars, Canadian Dollars and New Zealand Dollars may get boosted temporary against USD.

If Donald Trump wins the election, the market may have risk-off mode and Japanese Yen and Gold will surge temporary and on the other hand, other currencies may have downwards trend.

Through FXBazooka, FBS’s Market Analysts will continue to provide the latest information of the market.

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