FBS adds “Chinese Yuan” FX pairs on MT4 & MT5! -EUR/CNH, USD/CNH, CNH/JPY-

February 7, 2017

Now you can trade Chinese Currency with FBS!

FBS adds “Chinese Yuan” FX pairs on MT4 & MT5! -EUR/CNH, USD/CNH, CNH/JPY-

FBS is happy to announce that the broker has added 3 more Forex currency pairs which are:


“CNH” is the Chinese Yuan, and it is the newly added Currency on FBS’s MT4 and MT5!

“CNH” is also known as “RMB” or “CNY”. They all indicate the same currency in China.

More Currencies means More Opportunities! Now you can use political and economic information on China to capitalize on Yuan fluctuations.

EUR/CNH, USD/CNH and CNH/JPY are available for trading through all account types and for traders from all over the world.

China is not only the world’s powerhouse and second largest economy in the world. It is also a country with interesting and thought-provoking monetary policy, which gives all traders a possibility to capitalize on exchange rate fluctuations.

Especially suitable for those with an expertise in Chinese economic policy.

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