FBS achieved to acquire 2 millions Traders in only 7 years

July 22, 2016

FBS has officially broken the record now. The largest broker in the world with the highest leverage in the world.

FBS achieved to acquire 2 millions Traders in only 7 years

This article is originally referred from FBS News

We are happy to share great news with you: the number of our clients has exceeded 2 million.

Thank you for choosing us!

In early 2016 we celebrated the registration of our millionth client. The trader who opened the lucky 1 000 000 account was Ismareni Imran from Indonesia. She got her cherished dream come true as a gift from FBS – a Kawasaki motorbike.

It didn’t take long since then – and now we are already two million! What is the key to success, you ask? It is simple: we treat each of our clients as a VIP, offering you luxury bonuses and exclusive promotions and providing perfect conditions for profitable trading.

That is exactly why our traders recommend us to their friends, relatives and business partners. That is why over 80% of our clients stay with us forever!

Are you not our client yet? Then it is just the time to take advantage of our favourable trading conditions and high-quality service. 2 million people cannot be wrong – trading with us is convenient and profitable!

Original Source: FBS News

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