FBS 100% Deposit Bonus -Up to 20,000 USD Withdrawable-

FBS is literally giving away 20,000 USD per trader, if you continue to trade with FBS.

FBS 100% Deposit Bonus -Up to 20,000 USD Withdrawable-

Promotion Details

DatesEvery Day
Available toBoth New and Existing Clients
Offer100% Bonus up to 20,000 USD
How to getOpen a Live Account & Deposit
WithdrawalBoth Profit and Bonus are Withdrawable(certain lots required)

FBS is giving away up to 20,000 USD to any traders who trade the required trading lots by the broker.

No restrictions added to withdrawals by joining this promotion, and Promotion period and Profit amount are unlimited!

Join the promotion now, and get 20,000 USD no matter you win or lose trades.

How to Get “100% Deposit Bonus”

Receiving the 100% bonus is very simple and easy! Just follow the instructions below.

1. Sign up with FBS and Open an Account

You can receive the 100% Bonus with any types of account, except “$123 Bonus Account”.

2. Make a Deposit to your account

There are more than 50 different deposit methods are available with FBS including card deposit, bank wire transfer, OKPAY and etc…

3. Request for the “100% Bonus” via “Personal Area”

Login to FBS’s Personal Area, and go to the bonus page. Then you can request for the bonus for any accounts with deposits as below.

FBS 100% Bonus page in Personal Area

General Withdrawal Condition

You can withdraw your deposited funds and profit amount at anytime you want.

The bonus amount, you can withdraw it when you completed the required trading lots. The required trading lot is calculated as below.

The bonus amount / 1 = The required trading lots

It is simple. If the bonus amount is 20,000 USD then you need to trade 20,000 lots to withdraw the full bonus amount.

There is no limitation to promotion period. You have technically unlimited time for completing the required lots.

Full Terms & Conditions

Please make sure to read the Terms and Conditions provided by FBS, before joining any promotions. We have summarized some of the important conditions of the promotion.

  • The bonus cannot be used as “margin” or withdrawn before completing the required lots.
  • The bonus amount will not be credited to your trading account immediately, but it will be only when you complete the full required trading lots.
  • In order to withdraw the bonus amount, you need to trade the required trading lots specified as below.

The bonus amount / 1 = The required trading lots

  • You can receive the bonus with several trading accounts together until the bonus amount reaches to 20,000 USD.
  • In the event, that your account balance or Equity falls below 30% of the bonus amount, bonus will be cancelled.
  • The maximum leverage available for any bonus accounts will be up to 1:500.

For more information or inquiries, please contact FBS’s 24/5 customer support desk.

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