Which XM’s server name should I choose on MetaTrader4?

When you open a trading account, XM provides you with the full login credentials including:

  • Login ID
  • Investor Password
  • Server Name

The main password to login to your trading account should have been already set by you. As there are dozens of different server names available with XM, you need to make sure that you are selecting the right server name provided when you opened the account.

For your information, there are 2 different Demo servers of XM, which are:

  • XM.COM-Demo
  • XM.COM-Demo 2

By selecting the server name on MT4, you can also open a demo account directly from the XM MT4.

For XM live accounts, there are more than 10 different servers.

  • XM.COM-Real 1
  • XM.COM-Real 2
  • XM.COM-Real 3
  • XM.COM-Real 5
  • XM.COM-Real 6
  • XM.COM-Real 7
  • XM.COM-Real 8
  • XM.COM-Real 9
  • XM.COM-Real 10
  • XM.COM-Real 11
  • XM.COM-Real 13
  • XM.COM-Real 14
  • XM.COM-Real 15
  • XM.COM-Real 17

All of the above servers are still active on December 2016, and shouldn’t be changed until further notice.

You should be able to login to your account with the specified server name though, if you are having trouble logging in, then you may try others too.

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