Which one is faster in Order Execution? XM MT4 or MT5?

It is difficult to define which trading platform or server is faster considering that there are many environment to consider, but there is a simple way to find our how fast their connects are through MetaTrader trading platforms.

It is to check the “ping”.

“Ping” shows the reaction time of each server’s connection in milliseconds (ms). As in the “Ping” number may show how fast you get a response after your device’s sent out a request.

The trading servers of XM MetaTrader4 shows following “Ping”.

The trading servers of XM MetaTrader5 shows the followings.

☆Please note that the numbers can be different by each country area.

As you can see the XM MT4 shows the “Ping” from 71.55 to 76.54 ms, and XM MT5 shows 77.27 ms.

In terms of the “Ping”, XM MT4 offers better number though, the difference is very small and many traders wouldn’t even feel the difference between them in this case.

This time, we have to say that the speed of “order execution” is almost the same for both XM MT4 and XM MT5.

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