Where is the data folder(file) of MT5 on PC? How can I access to it?

The information of your account, EAs, Technical Indicators and other data will be all saved into your hard disk in the specific folder.

To access to the “Data Folder”, you need to go to the “File” and select “Open Data Folder”. Then the folder with all data of your MT5 platform will popup.

If you like to add EAs or Custom Indicators to your platform, you will need to copy the program into the specified folders which are “MQL5″→”Indicators” or “Experts”.

The history price data you have installed will be also saved within the folders.

You can also copy SSL certificate(if you have one) directly from “Certificate” folder and copy it to other MT5 trading platforms in the same folder. So you can access to your trading account with the password of the certificate from different computers.

*Please make sure that you don’t delete any of the folders in there, otherwise you can experience malfunction of your MT5 trading platform.

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