Where can I install “One Click Trading”tool for MT5 trading platform?

Unless your Forex broker offers you with their own “One Click Trading” tool, you do not need to install any EAs(Expert Advisers) or other programs to enable “One Click Trading” tool option.

MetaTrader5 trading platform already has two types of “One Click Trading” board built-in for users.

To show the “One Click Board”:

  1. Click on a price chart, and type “Alt + T” at the same time.
  2. Go to “Trading” tab in a Market Watch.

The below screenshot shows the both types of “One Click Trading” board on MT5 platform.

Once you show the board and click on any of its “order” buttons on it, you will be asked to agree to the “T&C” for the usage of this tool.

You must read the conditions displayed, and “Accept and Agree” to is if you like to use the tool.

*If you close the above screen, the “One Click Trading” board won’t be activated, but it will open a standard “new order” window every time you click on it.

*Please be careful with the board, as it will directly send orders to trading servers and execute once you click on any of the order buttons. You cannot cancel an already executed order.

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