Where can I check the future Dividend amount for certain Stock/Indices?

In order to check the “Dividend”, please login to ValuTrades’s client portal and go to “Dividends” section as below.

The below dates are the ex dividend dates.

The following are the dividend amounts received on buy positions, payable on sell positions for each of the below symbols.

These values are indicative values as provided by our liquidity providers and are subject to change with no notice based on the actual dividends received/paid by Valutrades Limited to their liquidity providers.

All dividends are displayed in points where all our CFD’s are quoted to 1 decimal except for US500 which is 2 decimals. For example if the UK100 is paying a dividend of 2.1 this would be 0.21 as a decimal or 21 pence per lot.

Dividends will be applied between 8 – 9 am platform time on the day of the ex dividend date.

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