Where can I check the full history of orders on MetaTrader5 platform?

In order to check the history of all orders executed or cancelled, please refer to the “History” tab in the “ToolBox” window.

In there you can see all executed orders(closed orders) and also canceled orders.

The “history” tab shows you complete details of each orders, and how it was executed.

The details you can refer in the tab is following.

  • Time — The time which a deal was executed. The record is represented as YYYY.MM.DD HH:MM (year.month.day hour:minute).
  • Deal — It is the ticket number (a unique identifier) of a deal. You an your brokerage firm can find the order out of millions by just referring to this number.
  • ID — Another deal ID in an external trading system.
  • Order — Ticket number (unique identifier) of the order, based on which the deal was executed. Several deals can correspond to one order, if the required volume specified in the order was not covered by one market offer.
  • Symbol — A financial instrument of the deal.
  • Type — The trading operation type such as “Buy” a buy deal, “Sell” a sell deal. In some situations a previously performed deal is canceled. In this case, the type of the previously performed deal is changed to Canceled buy or Canceled sell, and its profit/loss is reset to zero. Previously gained profit/loss is deposited/withdrawn from an account in a separate balance operation.
  • Direction — The direction of the deal relative to the current position of a particular symbol: “in”, “out” or “in/out”.
  • Volume — The volume of an executed deal (in lots or units).
  • Price — The price the deal was executed at.
  • Commission — The commission charged for the deal execution. The commission value is only displayed in this field if commission is charged immediately after the execution of a deal.
  • Profit — The financial result of the position exiting. For entry trades the zero profit is shown. If a trade made a loss, then the number will be shown as -(minus).

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