What is “Time & Sales” board in Depth of Market of MT5 platform?

The Time & Sales feature provides the price and time of every trade executed on the exchange.

Information on every trade includes the time when the trade was executed, its direction (buying or selling), as well as the price and volume of the trade.

Unlike the standard “Depth of Market” window, the “Time & Sales” board shows every single trades made in the market.

To open the “Time & Sales” board, please click on the mark on the upper-left side of the “Depth of Market” board.

Then, the “Time & Sales” board will appear which looks like below.

For easy visual analysis, different colors are used to indicate different trade directions: blue is used for Buy trades, pink for Sell trades, green means undefined direction. Trade volumes are additionally displayed in a histogram.

By using this board, you can see and understand the activities of other market participants and how large or small their  trading volumes are.

*Please note that this option(Time & Sales board) is available only if the option is enabled by your Forex broker’s side.

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