What is the normal and increased margin in iForex? What is different?

In the contract specification in iForex, there are 2 different margin requirements specified in the table.

iForex normal increased margin requirement leverage

The normal margin is 0.25% (leverage 1:400), the increased margin would be normally double the normal margin.

The increased margin will be applied when weekends or market holidays to avoid the risks of price gaps.

The time the increased margin is applied is 2 hours before the market close and 15 minutes after the market open.

So required margin will be doubled every week, but you do not need to worry about potential stop loss due to this condition, as iForex liquidate the positions only when there is no free positive balance in the account.

Maximum leverage

The maximum leverage you can use with iForex is 1:400.

It doesn’t mean that the leverage can be applied to all financial instruments.

The leverage varies in each symbol from 1:20 to 1:400.

Also as already mentioned above, some symbols’ margin requirement doubles around weekends, meaning that the leverage goes half in these period.

You need to make sure that you know the conditions before trading, and have enough margins to support your positions.

Margin call and Stop out levels

There is no margin call set in iForex, but only the Stop out level.

The stop out level is 0%, and it occurs when there is no positive free balance in your account during trading.

Just like other brokers, when the stop out triggers, all of your positions will be liquidated.

Also iForex offers NBP (Negative Balance Protection) to all traders, so you do not need to worry about bearing s debt by trading with iForex.

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iForex offers FXnet trader as its trading platform.

If you are not sure about the margin calculation or other conditions, you are recommended to open the free Demo account and try out the actual trades and see the numbers.

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