What is the MT5’s Magnet Sensitivity? How does that work?

“Magnet Sensitivity” option will allow objects to “dock” anchor points of graphical objects to different bar prices to locate them more precisely.

By activating it(by increasing the number of Magnet Sensitivity), the new objects you set in the price chart will be set to more precise location automatically.

If the anchor points of the object is far from bar prices more than the level you have set, then nothing happens.

If you don’t prefer the MT5 platform adjusting your objects automatically, then you may set the “Magnet Sensitivity” to zero, so you can set your object to any points of a price chart precisely.


The Object attaches to the level of Bars with Magnet Sensitivity

Setting up the “Magnet Sensitivity”

Please go to “Tools”→”Options”→”Charts” on MT5 trading platform.


In the “Magnet sensitivity” field, the sensitivity of this option in pixels can be defined.

For example, if the value of 10 is specified, the object will automatically be docked to a bar if the object’s anchor point is located within a distance of 10 pips from the nearest bar price (OHLC).

That point should also be within the bar width. To disable this option, set the parameter to 0.

*Please note that if the “Precise time scale” option is additionally enabled, then you may observe an effect when the anchor point moves away from an extreme point. This behavior appears if the actual extreme point doesn’t correspond to the extreme point of a bar.

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