What is the Margin Call % and Stop Out Level on FXPro MT5 trading platform?

FXPro has set certain Stop Out level to all its trading platforms(which vary on each platform), in order to avoid larger losses in trading accounts.

There are two levels of actions according to the “Margin Level” in your trading account, which are “Margin Call” and “Stop Out”. Here we will explain the % of “Margin Call” and “Stop Out” and what happens if these actions are taken.

Margin level (%) is calculated as follows: Equity / Margin * 100

Margin Call is at 40%

On FXPro MT5, you will receive “Margin Call” when the “Margin Level” in your account is at 40%.

This “Margin Call” is just a notification(or a warning) to you, so you will know your trading account is having too much losses comparing to the size of your account balance.

Although it is just a notification, FXPro will have the right to start closing existing open positions, in order to avoid further losses. (which is quite rare case if happened)

“Margin Call” is shown only on the trading platform, and you will not receive any emails or phone calls from FXPro for this.

Stop Out is at 30%

“Stop Out” happens when the “Margin Level” in your MT5 account reaches to 30%.

This is not just a notification, but it is the level where FXPro closes all existing open positions according to FXPro’s Order Execution Policy.

Margin monitoring from FXPro are processed real-time, thus once the margin level of your trading account reaches 30%, all positions will be also closed in that moment.

It is possible that a “Stop Out” cause an exceeded loss than your overall investment(total deposited amount) though, as FXPro applies NBP(Negative Balance Protection) to all its trading accounts, you will not more than you deposit with FXPro.

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