What is the “Last” column in Market Watch of MT5 platform?

The “Last” column in the Market Watch window shows the “The last price at which a deal was executed”.

As in, it is the price the latest order was executed for the symbol, within the liquidity provided by the Forex broker.

Please note that it is not the price which you have executed your order, or the price it was available from your Forex broker. But it will simply shows the last market price which the most latest order was executed.

If you like to get into more details and see the all transactions(orders executed) within the same liquidity pool provided by from your Forex broker, you may refer to “Time & Sales” board available on MT5.

You can open the “Time & Sales” board by clicking the icon below, in the “Depth of Market” board.

The “Time & Sales” board looks like below.

In the above board, you can see all transactions made in real-time. The information includes time, volume, direction and also price.

The board is useful to see what kind of trading activities are going on.

*Some Forex broker don’t provide such option, as the “Time & Sales” board is available only if your Forex broker enabled that option from the trading server side.

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