What is “One-time password” on MT5 trading platform? How can I get that?

Secure your MT5 trading account with One-Time Password.


“One-time password” option is added to improve protection of accounts against unauthorized access in the MetaTrader 5 web platform.

This option was added in December 2016, and includes the two-factor authentication using one-time passwords and the ability to change master and investor passwords.

In order to enable the two-factor authentication, you need to launch the MetaTrader 5 mobile application through ayour mobile device. Without it, you can not acquire the OTP(one time password) for your MT5 webtrader.

After launching your MT5 mobile application, log
in to your trading account and choose the OTP generator option in the Settings window.

The One-time password (OTP) generator can bind all your trading accounts and automatically generate a unique one-time six-digit password for each account.

Enter the generated password when logging in to the web platform, now your trading accounts are secured.

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