What is OKPAY’s affiliate program? How does this Referral Bonus Promotion work?

OKPAY runs “Referral Bonus Program” or commonly known as an “Affiliate Program”. Here are the basic things you should know to start earning with OKPAY affiliate program.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing happens when a person or a company (i.e. an affiliate) refers new customers to a business and is rewarded for these activities.

OKPAY’s Affiliate System

OKPAY offers a multi-level program where you earn revenues from transactions of your directly referred users and sub-level referrals.

OKPAY’s Features

Along with detailed stats on your affiliate performance, OKPAY gives you ready-made content ideas to get your campaign started and keep it rolling.

What to Begin with

Define your audience to develop the right strategy, and study OKPAY’s website and promo materials to know enough about our services. Now you’re all set!

You can start joining OKPAY directly OKPAY’s official website.

OKPAY Official Website

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