What is NSFX Pro Trading Platform? Is the Platform still available?

NSFX is proud to provide traders with its latest addition in online ECN and STP trading technology.

The NSFX Pro is in the forefront of online trading.

The trading platform is designed to offer exceptional execution capabilities under any market conditions. The deep interbank liquidity from Tier 1 provides ensures the tightest institutional spreads.

The NSFX Pro range of platforms are crafted for any type of trader, from beginner to the professional day trader or traders that use proprietary automated trading systems.

NSFX Pro supports a wide list of direct and pending orders with the ability to place trades directly within the spread. Orders include Market, Limit, Stop, Stop Loss, Take Profit, Place/Bid offer, Trailing Stop, Stop Limit, OCO, IFD, and more.

The platform has also a built-in API which allows for custom made strategies and actual code programming. Other built-in capabilities include over 180 technical indicators, live news stream, economic calendar and integrated analysis tools.

NSFX Pro includes additional cross-connected platforms such as the PAMM for money managers, hedge funds and financial advisers as well as the Visual Strategy Builder and Optimizer for automated system programmers and traders.

The platform can be accessed via various devices including web, desktop, laptop as well as ios and android mobile phones and tablets.

NSFX Pro surpasses some of the best trading platforms in the market with it sophisticated abilities and superb all-around trading experience. Some of the benefits of NSFX Pro include:

  • Optimized for auto and chart trading
  • Superior account management system
  • Live news feed
  • Account sync for all devices
  • Desktop, web and mobile versions
  • Instant or pending order execution functionality
  • Execute trades with MT4 Expert Advisers
  • 180 technical indicators
  • ECN/STP technology
  • Deep interbank liquidity
  • Supports multiple orders

The service through NSFX Pro Trading Platform has ended in February 2017.

Now NSFX offers MetaTrader4 and JForex trading platforms.

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