What is “Instant Execution” on MT5 trading platform?

“Instant Execution” is a type of execution where an order is executed at the price offered to a broker.

When sending an order to be executed, the platform automatically adds the current prices to the order.

If the broker accepts the prices, the order is executed.

If the broker does not accept the requested price, a “Requote” is sent — the broker returns prices, at which the order can be executed.

This execution model is generally used by OTC(Over the counter) Forex brokers, and it is normally seen as the contrary of “Market Execution” which STP(Straight Through Processing) Forex brokers normally use.

Other than the “Instant Execution” there are mainly 3 other execution models available on MT5 which are:

  • Request Execution
  • Market Execution
  • Exchange Execution

The execution types on MT5 trading platforms cannot be decided by the traders, but will be decided by you Forex broker.

If you like to see which type of execution your Forex broker is using, go to “Market Watch” and right click on any symbols and check the specified field below.

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