What does the “Market closed” error message mean on MT4/MT5?

The “Market is closed” error indicates that you’re trying to trade out of trading hours, and therefore there are no valid prices you can trade on.

Forex and CFDs are available for trading for only limited hours. The closed market hours are as follows:

1. Weekends

Yes, Forex market is opened for 24 hours but not for  the weekend. Neither CFD instruments are available for trading on the weekends.

You may want to forget about the money, for this 48 hours of break.

2. National Public Holiday

The exchange market is closed when there is a national public holiday in the country.

This closed marker hours come irregularly so you may want to check out the News Releases from your broker.

3. About 5 minutes at 00:00

Some brokers restrict tradings at 00:00 in the server time to avoid volatile price and possible risks due to the low liquidity.

This condition is different for each broker, so if you are awake and trading during the time, then you may want to make sure if the trading is available 24 hours full or not.

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