What does “Stop Level” indicates in MetaTrader5 platform? Is it the Stop Out Level?

The “Stop Level” parameter indicates the “channel of prices (in points) from the current price, inside which one can’t place Stop Loss, Take Profit and pending orders.”

When placing an order inside the channel, the server will return message “Invalid Stops” and will not accept the order.

For example, in the below screenshot, the “Stop Level” parameter says “10”.

This means that you cannot set any pending orders including Stop Loss and Take Profit within 1 pip(10 points) from the current market price.

The “Stop Level” varies by different financial instruments.

The MetaTrader5 will show the error “Invalid Stops” if you try to set pending orders within the parameter, so you cannot simply set pending orders in that case.

*Stop Level is different from Stop Out Level.

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