What does a “Market Order” mean on MT5 trading platform?

A market order is an instruction given to a brokerage company to buy or sell a financial instrument.  Execution of this order results in the execution of a deal.

Thus in general, “Market Order” refers to all types of orders that will executed at the current available market price, and does’t include “Pending orders” in this category.

For your information, there are mainly two types of orders which are “Market Orders” and “Pending Orders”.

In case of nay order types, the price at which the deal is executed is determined by the type of execution that depends on the symbol type as in financial products are bought at the Ask price and sold at the Bid price.

When you invest in any financial markets such as Forex and Stocks, your trading activity will involve only(but not limited to) “Market Orders” and “Pending Orders”.


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